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Use It For Fuel

This week we had 217 Recovery's Recovery Stories, Messages of Hope pt3 event. I got to emcee it. It was the first time I had done something like this, and the second time I had spoken on stage in front of this many people. I had a blast, and I've gotten so much great feedback from the attendees saying they had a good time and that I did a good job. Standing behind the curtain of this production I can tell you where all my flaws were. I kept forgetting to say things that were right there in my mind after I left the stage....big whoops.

Now I got the opportunity to mention these things in between speakers and fix my muck up the next time I got up there, but it revealed to me an opportunity to grow. I've been all about personal growth over the last year and just when I start getting comfortable with the progress I've made so far. My favorite part of the entire experience was that I had so much confidence and peace that I had no nerves about speaking in front of over 100 foot hit the first step of that stage. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

My boss, Corey, has told me a few times that it's adrenaline. He says the best thing you can do is use it to get excited and use it as fuel to accomplish the task at hand. After a bit of stuttering and forgetting what I was supposed to say, I remembered his words and did my best. Things evened out a bit and I ended up having so much fun.

I am so grateful for these fun times and opportunities that living a life in recovery has given me. It's time to grow. Bring it on!

Until next time.

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Jun 22

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