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The Story

December 15, 2018, was my first day free from alcohol to this point. I've done many other drugs over the years but it was alcohol that held my attention the most. It's easy to get, widely accepted by society and as long as I hid it from my friends, family, and co-workers I thought I had it under control. The funny thing is that as much as I thought I hid it, I was usually only making it worse. Until January 23rd of 2015 when my liver and kidneys shut down completely and I was hospitalized at the age of 36. One of my Doctors asked me how long I had been an alcoholic, that question was asked in such a real and deep, no-nonsense tone, I believe it was then I started my journey on the road to recovery.

Corey's Herbalife Professional

Kelsey Andres

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How Corey got connected with Kelsey

I found that once in recovery that I really didn't know how to eat well. I don't want to eat chicken every day and shopping for healthy food is expensive. I was friends with Kelsey on Facebook and noticed her before and NOW pics she was posting. I became interested in what Kelsey was doing and I reached out to her. Kelsey gave me the rundown of what she was doing and agreed to supply me with a month of the products she uses. She took the time to consult with me on the phone before I began and I feel confident that Kelsey has set me up to succeed. Now, the rest is up to me!