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Matt Rybicki

Recovery Coach in Training

Blog Writer

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Matt's Story

I grew up and have lived most of my life in Northern Michigan. I was born in Manistee, have lived in Cadillac, Florida, and have been in Traverse City for almost a decade. My world consists of my 5 beautiful children whose ages range from teenager to toddler.


My story begins at the young age of 12 and continues for decades. No matter where I moved the drugs and alcohol always seemed to follow. I always thought that as long as I kept switching substances, I would never get addicted...Boy was I wrong!


After abusing my body for such a long time and losing what was most important to me, I finally had enough.


When I entered rehab for the 1st time, I was desperate, broken, and alone. While there I found many caring people who seemed to have it all together and yet would do anything for the person next to them and I knew that’s what I needed.


Today I am here sharing my story for that exact reason in hopes my story can help just one person.


Matt's Blog


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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