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Mitchell O'Brien

Peer Recovery Coach

Guest - 217 Recovery Podcast

Cohost - Redacted: Recovery Your Mind Podcast

Mitchell's Story


I am now living out loud because long-term recovery helped me change for the better, and I want to make it possible for others to do the same. I remember the pain and hurt of active addiction. I know I can give a helping hand to those searching for what I was once overwhelmingly desperate for.

- Mitchell O'Brien

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After over 15 years of struggling with addiction, alcohol with a few other substances here and there, I am in long-term recovery. That lifestyle brought me to death’s door more than once. After trying all the things I knew of to stop, without any lasting success, gaining 200 lbs, flatlining in a hospital bed, losing my grip on fatherhood, and the will to live for any reason, I had finally hit my lowest “rock-bottom”. After someone reached out and helped me find the strength to get into a Medication Assisted Treatment Program, I’ve become healthier, emotionally & physically, enjoying life with my son.


Recovery has given me the opportunity to build a career helping people in early recovery while mending relationships my addiction had damaged. 


After gaining some traction, and owning my recovery for myself, I found that renewing my Faith in God was the next step up in my recovery process. I claimed victory over my addiction in the name of Jesus Christ in September 2022 and my life has exploded with blessings ever since.

Mitchell's Videos

Mitchell's Videos

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