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217 Recovery Rides was started to help in an area where it’s desperately needed. The moment a person in active addiction decides they’ve have enough they often reach out for help, sometimes they’re told inpatient treatment is needed. The treatment center they’re sent to depends upon availability, their Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plan’s choice or where their private Insurance is accepted.  


For those on Medicaid, the PIHP will tell you which treatment center you’ll be going to, and often it’s not down the block. The PIHP will then encourage you to find your own transportation and for obvious reasons discourage you from driving yourself.


217 Recovery provides rides to and from treatment using drivers who are Certified Recovery Coaches. During the trip, they’ll have one on one time with a Recovery Coach, and this time is crucial whether they’re entering treatment for the first time or the twentieth time. The vehicles are clean, dependable, and comfortable, so the person can relax and begin getting into the right state of mind before entering treatment.


217 Recovery is approved for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation by Michigan’s DHHS. This helps when people are worried about someone they don’t know driving them to treatment, and to a location they’re unfamiliar with. The drivers have all passed background checks, are certified Recovery Coaches, and have a clean driving record.


To use 217 Recovery Rides, ask the treatment facility if they’re a member of the 217 Recovery Support System. If they are, they'll either set up the ride for you, or pass along information so you can set up the ride yourself.


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