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You really might want to because this could get very interesting. A few weeks ago I gave the guys profiles so they can write blogs on the 217 Recovery Website.

Mitchell started off hot and was writing one 8-page book a day! Then it started being too much, or life was getting away from this Steven King Protege. It became two a week, down to one a week, and then to none.

Justin was writing when I asked him to or walked in on him looking at fantasy football news.

Adam, he didn't really like the thought of doing a blog. After he does one, I think he's cool with it. But the thought of putting words on the internet for others to read seems almost impossible.

This is where I come in. Some, have called me a "Torture Therapist," but pushing people past what they think is possible can really help sometimes. The fact is, I don't even consider myself a torture therapist, I consider myself an opportunist who loves seeing people take advantage of the tools in front of them.

We started a blog game that I call "The 217 Recovery Blog Assignment." Each guy has an opportunity to pick one of four topics that I come up with. Each topic can only be picked once and has to be at least two paragraphs long. They will still continue to write blogs on their own with their own topics, but I think this experiment could have them worrying so much about the topic, that writing a blog with their true emotions about their life will be a breeze.

Stay tuned and enjoy what's ahead!


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