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Trump's Voter Fraud Claims!!

If you're reading this because of the headline then I'm talking to you. The hurt and disappointment you feel because of an election I can't empathize with. I've never been upset about an election, and maybe that's good for my sobriety. It's okay to feel disappointed, to not have things go your way is a part of life. Some call it the downs, in the ups & downs of life. Others, however, try their best to bring other people into their misery and despair. The many useless attempts to get people riled up is saddening to watch. When Hillary lost, I felt the same, sad for the people who couldn't gain acceptance and move on. At some point (I hope), the realization of "what you can actually control?" will set in. To keep yourself stuck on things you can't change, can't be good for the soul. It's Christmas, some people don't have a nice family to spend time with, some are living on the streets, some are desperately trying to kick their addiction, and some will die because of their addiction. Next time you want to hit share on some Anti-Trump crap or Anti-Democrat crap, think about what you can do or share to actually make a difference in this world. If you really want to help stop the crap going on, how about dropping off toilet paper to an elderly neighbor? Taking the time to do things where you can directly impact your community is much more rewarding for the soul. This may fall on deaf ears or blind eyes, but it's my attempt to do something good and get you to think before you're sucked into the social media hate.

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