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Finding love in recovery

Our wedding day was this past Saturday and for the most part, it went smooth. It was even better than I had imagined it would be, and our special day was more than I could've ever dreamed possible. There are a few people that went above and beyond to make this happen on such short notice. Without them, our wedding wouldn't have been as beautiful as it was. The obvious can be said, that if I wasn't sober this never would've happened. If Marney didn't stay sober, this wouldn't have happened. The fact we're both in recovery might raise flags for some, but those who know us understand we hold ourselves responsible for being sober, we don't try to or take credit for the other's sobriety. We also don't take responsibility for keeping the other sober. I think this is or was the trick to our relationship. Of course, we love going to meetings together, we both work in the recovery field, and we both love our sober lives and the progress we've made. We both respect each other enough to let us be responsible for our own sobriety on our own. Sure, it helps to have Marney to talk to, I stated on the podcast that I use her as a therapist from time to time. That helps me deal with the feelings I'm having, but she doesn't try to pretend to have the answers, she just listens. When I do ask for advice she promptly gives it and I listen to her point of view. The point is, you can find love in recovery if you respect each other's role and don't take responsibility or credit for their journey. It's up to me to keep myself on the right path, but I'm glad I do have a best friend/beautiful wife who's walking down that path with me.

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