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God, you funny!

Lying in bed last night, I started thinking about all the things I had to get done today. A lot of follow up emails, add content to our website, move some things on our app (the one in the apple store & google play store), create a newsletter for our followers, and make something cool for "Giving Tuesday". I wanted to complete them to the best of my ability, so, I asked for help. I prayed, "God, grant me the wisdom, focus, insight, objectivity, open-mindedness, and creativity that I'll need to accomplish the tasks I have in front of me tomorrow. Give me the strength to be the most productive I can be and accomplish the things that need to be done the most."

Fast forward to 8:17 am this morning, I just finished making the bed and was in the kitchen opening a triple zero mixed berry yogurt, when my phone rings. On the caller ID, I see the name of a guy who's been asking for help, but he wants to do things his way and half-ass his recovery... Meaning he wants help but doesn't want to do the things that'll give him a chance at staying sober. I first thought, should I answer it or just move onto my list? I chose to answer it, this time he was wanting help and willing to do the things he needed to do.

As I'm driving this Military Veteran to Ann Arbor from Petoskey, he's in and out of sleep. This gave me plenty of time to think about the things I wasn't going to get done today. Then it hits me, what did I pray for? To be the most productive I can be and to accomplish the things that needed to be done the most... I laughed out loud in the car and said, "God... You funny"! This, of course, was the most productive thing I could've done today, and this by far was the thing that needed to be done the most.

The man's girlfriend sent me just enough money to cover the cost of gas which I'm grateful for, but, I'll be sending it back to her. If she wants to help pay it forward, I have a better way to help. I'm asking her to donate and create a fundraiser that supports 217 Recovery on Facebook for Giving Tuesday tomorrow, along with a personal story of how we helped. That's something everyone can do, and that's my way of asking you for help as well.

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