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And just like that...

When I started doing this blog, It was just one more thing I added to my recovery armory. Like adding one more gun to the arsenal, one more thing to keep focused on my recovery. But, by wanting to stay true to the commitment it takes to write a blog, I called it Mondays and my intentions were to post a blog every Monday. Last week I didn't do a blog, and this week I noticed how easy it is to fall out of a routine. This reminds me of a few people I know, and the last time I spoke with them, they had what sounded like a great game plan for their recovery. Then life happens, kids sick, working late, tired... So many unexpected things seem to come up in our lives. We miss a meeting, we blow off our sponsor, we start making excuses, and then we justify. It doesn't take much for people like us to taking our recovery for granted and think of "how good we're doing" AND, just like that... back in the shit, wondering how the did that just happen. Missing the blog last week was on purpose and I knew I wasn't going to do it (excuses), then when I woke up today I realized I hadn't even thought about the blog or that I needed to do one yesterday. I thought, well, most of the blog crew hasn't posted so I'm no worse than them. But, my recovery has nothing to do with them and I do this blog for that reason only. So, as "you better watch out, Santa Clause is coming to town" is playing on my computer, I'll leave you with this. As the holiday season is here now, schedules will get messed up and it's up to you to keep your recovery a top-of-mind priority.

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