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As I get deeper into my recovery I also get further from my last drink. When days or even weeks go by where I don’t think about drinking as an escape I feel so lucky. I feel lucky to have finally had it all click. Mind you, three years ago I was like many people in early recovery still wondering why I couldn’t hold it together for more than a few months at a time. I wish everyone could get to this point one day, I wish there were magic words I could use to explain how great it feels to be on the other side of addiction. But, I guess that’s what makes this our very own journey. Our personal nightmares, heartbreaks, stolen time, frustrations, failures, and secrets will keep us stuck in the one place we know we don’t want to be. Even though we’ve seen a glimpse of the good life we sometimes have a hard time holding onto the rope. It’s not that we aren’t trying, or maybe we just don’t realize we’re not trying hard enough. When we’ve asked for help so many times it makes it harder to ask the next time we really need it. To my friends still in active addiction I’m always here for you, you know how to get a hold of me.

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