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*PSA* Routines Matter

My last three weeks have all had something that set them off balance just a bit. Being creatures of habit, aka routine, this can be difficult for some of us. So, I am taking this opportunity to talk about, what you'll identify from my earlier posts being one of my favorite subjects, self-awareness. I'm going to lay out how it felt for me, and some tips to help keep your balance, if/when you might find yourself in a similar situation.

• Week 1, We had UFAM (United to Face Addiction Michigan). It was a blast! We got to do a few podcasts, set up our tent with our resources, network with people from across the state, eat some of Noah's hotdogs, AND Corey was the MC!! Which was cool seeing him and his journey building 217 Recovery, where it's going, and his own inspiring life in recovery. Fun all around.

• Week 2, Corey and Marney had their baby! Baby Parker is healthy and they are doing amazing. I even got to meet the little guy this week. He definitely has momma's hair, no offense Corey, but he seems like a cool little dude. The "but" here is that Corey has taken paternity leave to be with his growing family. Which is amazing, I am very proud of him and his wife for taking the family time together. Corey is the bossman around here so the only downside is that it's just not the same at the office without him here.

• Week 3, Starts out with Memorial Day. Having Monday off was nice, I got to spend some time working outside at home, and spending time with family. The "but" here, is that having an extra day off sets things off just a little bit. Time awareness is off a touch, and we found ourselves down some help. But! We have a new employee starting soon, watch for her introduction. AND! MATT'S Back!! From India. Sounds like he had a fun time, he brought back some fun stuff, and we are very happy to have him back in the 217 Recovery Center.

Now, you may have noticed that these are all good things. Which is what astonished me when I started feeling unbalanced recently. That shows me that even when good things are happening it can disrupt our natural flow of life. I remember that especially in early recovery, any disruption to this flow was detrimental to my focus and newfound sobriety.

I'd like to recommend doing something if life starts feeling this way for you too. I chose to up my time in prayer and read more during my off time. For some people, jumping into an extra recovery meeting that week might help, I always believe getting rest/sleep helps, and don't forget to do something that helps you towards a goal you've set.

These are a few things that have helped me. Just remember, stay self-aware, armor up, and reach out when the walls feel like they're closing in. Pride can be a real b!@^&, and I see people relapse all the time because they didn't reach out for help. One way or another.

Until next time.

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