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My text to a friend.

Sometimes digging through our (what we perceive to be) glory years can lead to bad decision making. If you ever get that feeling of “I’m getting away with one” then stop what you’re doing. The person you’re lying to and pulling one over on is yourself. (NAME), I consider you a friend and I want more than anything for you to feel this amazing feeling that comes with just living life. Feeling the good, the bad, and the ugly. Would ice cream taste so good if fish didn’t taste like shit? Yes, yes it would... you just wouldn’t have to compare it to nasty ass fish, you don't keep eating nasty ass fish just to make ice cream taste better. We’ve eaten that fish, and we know it's bad. So, when I tell you how good the ice cream is... believe it bro and get yo ass up to the table, eat some ice cream!!

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