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Broadening Horizons

I haven't been secretive about the experiences in the world of recovery I've had lately. Awesome paradigm shifts, goals being reached, and connections being made have been a common occurrence, lately. Seeing different people in different places going through different journeys has been eye-opening and refreshing, to say the least. Very recently I've gotten another view into what emotional healing looks like a few degrees more, outside of the recovery community, than I have been accustomed to through my own adventure through the reality of emotional healing.

This person came out of nowhere and confronted me with possibly the deepest conversation I can remember ever having. Not only during my three-plus year-long bit with sobriety and progression to a healthier mental health status. But, possibly ever.

“There are different paths to your destination. Choose your own path.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita

What I got out of it, besides some well-needed self-reflection, was that even people who haven't been through addiction in some way..are out here healing their mental states and traumatic pasts. I had somehow convinced myself that recovery from addiction was the only way people were achieving this level of self-awareness, that led to emotional healing. I didn't even realize I had formed this opinion until having this conversation. Needless to say, parts of it weren't easy. But, I loved it nonetheless.

This has broadened my perspective of how others process things they're dealing with. It's also made me appreciate the "multiple pathways", more than I already have.

Stay self-aware and ready to grow. Don't discard anyone's healing process until you take the time to feel what it's like to walk in their shoes.

Until next time.

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