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Unpacking How I Feel About This Week, While I Pack For This Week.

I'm going on a little trip this week. Business, not pleasure. And I guess I have some mixed feelings about it.

All the feelings are probably obvious and normal, but this is probably the biggest thing going on in my life short term so it's worth talking about. Tonight, I'll be driving down to Detroit to kick off a week of learning how to recovery coach. The next five days will consist of 40 hours of a classroom setting followed by some hotel lounging. I'm sure there were times in my life when I would have looked at this as an opportunity for fun and excitement, but that's not really my life these days. Now, I have to say, that I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to get my state certification as a recovery coach. I have a certificate I earned prior, but the state one is the one I want. So, this is a big step for me, and I recognize that, so I don't want to overshadow the fact that I am very thankful to have this next opportunity to grow in the direction I've been aiming.

That being said, I'm the guy who doesn't want to be away from his family for a week. Like I said, probably normal emotions there, but yeah. The only other time I've been away from my family like this is when I was in rehab or detox. I like being home. I don't like saying I'll see you in a week. But, tonight, and every night until I get home, I'll video call them. A week isn't very long in the grand scheme of things. An easy way for me to deal with it is this: I went to rehabs and had to understand that being away from my family at that time was essential because I wouldn't have a future otherwise. Going down to Detroit is just another short span of time away from my family to make that future I gained by going to rehab, stronger and more defined.

I'm going to miss my fam, but we all know it's a good thing. I'm just blessed to have these options. Things could be very different if I was making different decisions. Keep moving forward friends.

Side-note: I also have to watch the Super Bowl in a hotel room by myself. Boo.

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