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State Training Recap

Last week proved to be a bigger part of my recovery journey than I imagined. I had the opportunity to head to Detroit for a week to participate in the State of Michigan's peer recovery coach training. I had a certification from a previous source but this training involves a state test that I'll have to take in Lansing next week and if successful, I'll be recognized by the state as eligible to bill for services. Basically, the state will officially identify me as a CPRC (Certified Peer Recovery Coach). This, of course, was always part of the plan, but what was unexpected was the fact that I enjoyed it! I've been through a handful of other trainings, classes, and things of that nature. In my experience, they're generally something I feel like I just have to get through and if I'm lucky, I'll pick up a few pieces of knowledge along the way. This time, I felt like I was sucked in from the beginning and truly felt like I benefitted from each day. The three instructors really made me feel like they were passionate about what they were teaching us. I could tell they wanted to make sure we had the knowledge we needed to go out there and serve our community in the best way possible. They did a great job keeping us engaged and the topics were always relevant and well discussed. And on top of that, they kept it entertaining.

Another aspect that was top-notch in my opinion, was the people I was able to spend the week with. The beauty of this training seemed to be the process in which we were approved to attend. Everyone in attendance had to have two years in recovery, be working for an agency, and go through a phone interview after all the initial paperwork was completed. So, through that process, you end up with a room full of people that not only have been doing the work already, but people that are passionate about what they do, and it showed through the work we did together. I haven't always got that feeling from everyone in previous trainings so it was a pleasure to be a part of it. Thursday night, Corey and I were able to talk to a few people from the group who were also staying at the hotel to join us on a podcast in the lobby. They could have just been unwinding from the long day of classwork but instead wanted to join a recovery conversation and celebrate their recovery with us. I believe wholeheartedly that some of those relationships are going to continue in the future. At the very least, I'll see them in Lansing!

Maybe I'll touch on this some more later, possibly after I get some test results, but for now, I think that's a good summary. It's just another example of the tall stack I've collected of moments in my recovery journey that just seem meant to be. Places, events, and people that seem like they were meant to be part of the path. The more I try to notice those things, the closer I get to understanding myself and where I'm trying to go. Another opportunity that could never have been without the gift of recovery.

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