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The Call Was Answered

There I was, staring at my office computer, trying to manifest a blog out of a few possible ideas I'd been mulling over but not feeling moved toward any of them, when my phone rang. And on the other end, a blog opportunity was waiting.

I'm not going to get into details, but there has been some confusion between my son's school and I regarding the previous semester. I just want to start with, it was all honest mistakes and the results of my son taking an uncommon approach to his studies. I've been talking to them throughout the week and the conversation I just had was the culmination of the whole situation, and I'll be danged if I'm not a little proud of myself for how it all turned out.

It was basically a grade issue that would have a ripple effect that wasn't ideal considering it's my son's senior year. I was getting conflicting information from both sides and each one had starkly opposing circumstances or outcomes.

To be honest about my thought process, my first reaction was that my son must have lied to me because the other side of the coin is the school and I feel I can trust what they're saying. As I listened to what was going on, I started to digest what the implications of this information was going to be and just couldn't believe what I was hearing was right. And I trusted that feeling. I knew there had to be something that was getting missed. So, you know what I did next? I actually spoke up. I didn't blow up. I didn't shut down. I didn't make excuses. I didn't ignore or avoid it. I simply asked the question in my mind. I didn't blame or point fingers. I understood that things might get innocently overlooked.

The final result was that my son was being honest, the school and I worked together to get to the bottom of the oversight, and now everything is right on track like it was supposed to be. I think because of all of this, we may have even been able to come up with a better plan for this semester than we would have had otherwise.

So, I guess my point is, those are the experiences I have now that make me grateful for the things I've learned in the last few years, especially when it comes to things that could affect my ego and make me want to throw around blame or fault. I'm blessed with the understanding that we're all human which means imperfect and I can just be thankful the end result is what everyone was hoping for. I hope you have a blessed day as well.

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