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Smells like Recovery

Strolling through the aisles of our local Walmart, no matter what I’m there for, I almost always inevitably find myself somewhere in, or at least near, home furnishings. Nothing on my list that I really need is in that department....simply just “shopping.”

This particular steer of my regular grocery course left me in front of the candles; aromatic oils, and scented wax beads. Despite the overwhelming sensory overload, my boyfriend and I decided to browse this pleasant aisle, curious to find a new scent for our wax burner. Wow! Where to start?

The options were endless. First off, and primarily why I’m bringing this into my blog is that on this day... I was cherishing the fact that these kinds of items are what I’m stewing over a decision for these days. Not all that long ago, I was spending endless moments price checking the bottles of vodka figuring out the value per ounce, different flavors..., and of course, always taking into consideration the proof of the product. How much money did I have from the can returns of the soda that I had poured out just for the ten cents apiece?

But today it was candles. So we picked up countless colored packages.. ranging from Grandma's Kitchen, Succulent Dreams, Summer Sunset, Happy Day, Love Story, Coastal Breeze, to Sun and Sand. This abundance of options leaves me wondering how people create these scents? How does one interpret and create what an Enchanted Forest smells like and then slap a label on a jar? And after all these, none of them had a label that said Recovery on it.

I mean, if Recovery had a smell, what exactly would that be? I don’t know? I guess mix together some soul searching, tears, hard work, inspiration, love, relief, focus, pride, strength, meditation, forgiveness, patience, hope, passion, prayer... and varying other ingredients. I’m not sure... because they don’t make one. They don't make one because each recipe, for each person, is unique and one-of-a-kind.

So to answer the question: what does Recovery smell like? Well, in our house, it’s whichever one of those aromatic options from that aisle in home furnishings, that we threw in the basket that day.


P.S. I'm Grateful

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