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The power of encouragement. These days I feel appreciated. That’s a pretty monumental feeling to have when you have a past as rugged as my own. For a substantial portion of my life, I didn’t feel appreciated by anyone. I certainly was not acknowledged in any kind of positive light... because sadly, I really had nothing to be appreciated for. I had nothing to offer anyone.... no positivity or wisdom to share, no drive, and my attitude and behaviors were self-centered and negative. I did, however, have people in my life that provided the continued presence of something, that even in the tiniest doses, made it possible to eventually find my way to sobriety... encouragement.

You can encourage anyone all day long.... encourage people to pursue, to create, to make, to apply, to practice, to BE.... but it’s difficult to encourage something that isn’t in motion yet. Now, this goes for anything, but here obviously I’m speaking in terms of Recovery.

Take a person who is struggling with their addiction disorder. They make it clear they have no intentions of changing their ways or behaviors. They are convinced this is a lifestyle that is acceptable to them or a battle they feel they can handle on their own.

You can’t acknowledge and provide praise for things that aren’t happening yet. You can’t give that real encouragement fuel until you have an individual at least listening to you. BUT... if you can get them to listen long enough to HEAR you...

Tell them you love them…

Tell them You care about them…

Tell them You want to help them get the help they need…

Tell them that you will never give up on them…

If that is ALL you say, and they can truly hear you... you have done what you can to hopefully get things moving. You may have what they call, “planted the seed.” I talk about this reality all the time. People are ready to get help and deal with their issues when—and only when—the individual is ready to do it for themselves. It may not seem like it, but when it feels like you can’t find the words to say, start with just the simple and sincere truths… and THAT is true encouragement.


P.S. I’m Grateful.

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