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Updated: Jan 19

So I was thinking the other day about how we are like houseplants. As plants grow they need things. Likes new pots, dirt, and a lot of sunlight. Which is kind of like us humans. New pots are like their house the more they grow, the more they become root-bound. Which stops them from growing anymore. They also need new dirt to cause it will suck all the nutrients out of it. They also need the right sunlight to grow.

We as humans are alike. As we grow our family we need a bigger house. If we stay in a small one we will begin to fight with each other till it kills the relationships we have with our family. We also need to change our environment sometimes to make us grow into beautiful humans. Sunlight is also important to us cause it fights depression and it is natural.

That said, all of life has more things in common than we think. So we need to be kinder to all walks of life. Also, remember to be grateful for what we have and keep growing. Wonders wait for those who are patient.


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Beautifully written


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