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Updated: Jun 14

This last week has been full of exciting new stuff happening in my life and in the world around me. My son (14 years old) is letting me guide him through his first-ever job search, Justin, Corey, and I started not 1...but 2 new podcasts (Recovery Dads & White Knuckling It) which have been fun and exciting. We've been planning future events for 217 Recovery, two of my favorite content creators just released a book they collaborated on (I'm sure you'll hear me raving about this in my podcast Redacted: Recover Your Mind), and I've gotten to see some of the connections I've made in the community and how they're attached to really big programs and outreach.

These are all great things, I'm proud and happy with each and every one of them. But...there's always a "but"... I want to take the time in this moment of bliss in my life to drop a message of hope. My life hasn't always been full of blessings to be grateful for. At one point, I had neglected my "garden" (my life) into a chaotic mess of addiction, broken relationships, and poor health. Mental and physical. All along the way making less than savory decisions in the process. All the while, in that time of my life, I knew deep down inside that I wasn't a bad person. Despite showing in my actions and outward appearance the opposite of what people would describe as a good person.

"Before Creation comes Destruction." —Beerus the Destroyer

I mention these negative things to show you a transformation. A metamorphosis from a person with nothing but broken connections, the absence of hope, and poor health, to a person with valuable connections, better health than I've had in over a decade, and more hope in my life than I ever thought possible. There's a saying out there, from multiple sources, that before creation comes destruction. I always thought there might be something to that. Looking back on my journey through traumatic events, substance use disorder, and eventually recovery, I can see this saying ringing very true in my personal experience.

I'd like to leave at least a drop of hope for someone going through some shit in their life. If you're going through the destructive period, the creation is on its way.

Until next time.

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