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Just kept getting worse

So, I decided to throw myself a pity party today! So much to do today and it was all neglected because of this awesomely bad party! How did I get trapped in such a horrible place in my head? Let's rewind, shall we? First, I received an email from my doctor about a blood test I had last week to check my testosterone levels. The test came back normal, which for most people, would've been great news. Me, on the other hand, was hoping that was the problem, and once identified then it can be treated. Still not sure what's going on and wanting to feel better, I tried the ice cream fix. The sugar made me feel so much better but (just like drinking regret) I feel I've undone the progress I had on my weight loss. Secondly, a meeting I was supposed to have didn't happen as planned, in fact, it didn't happen at all. This meeting has been something I felt needed to happen in order for me to move forward with a 217 Recovery Project. Instead, the meeting was forgotten by the person who I wanted to meet with and seek advice from. Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Six things don't even matter because the second thing that didn't go my way got so far under my skin and I let that affect me and ruin what could've been a very productive day. On the other hand, not once did I think that a drink would solve any of my issues today. Baby steps, but I know what would've happened 5 years ago and what's not happening today. Pat yourself on the back when you reach moments like this, you deserve it too!!

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