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Funny thing happened to me the other day...

So the other day I asked Mitch if he wanted to go to Taco Bell with me. I followed him over there to the Front St location. We order our food. As we stood there waiting for our food we heard the worker say it was the best location in Traverse City. We got our food and went to find a table.

We sat by the front door. I ate my burrito first. Then out of nowhere, I started to feel pressure in my belly. So as I leaned forward I realized I had to fart. So I started to let it rip. As soon as I finished farting Mitch looked at me and said "I thought that was a helicopter". I said wow bro really. As I started to continue to cause I now had room. He pulled His shirt over his nose and said "I would rather smell my own body stench".

As he did this a guy walked through the door. We both started to laugh. Mitch was sure he smelt what I had dealt just moments before he walked in. We then finished our food then we parted ways. Mitch went home as I had to go to therapy.


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GYM :-(


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Very funny


Mitchell O'Brien
Mitchell O'Brien
26. lokak. 2023
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The fart that sent you to therapy!!

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