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GYM :-(

I have been sleeping in through my alarm. This has created a problem for me. The problem is I haven't been working out. This has created some problems for me emotionally. I plain don't feel good about myself.

I have decided to start going after work. I will start this Monday. I feel this will be better for me. Hopefully, I start to feel better. Cause in reality I feel like a failure.

This puts me back to when I was using drugs. Like when I would say I'm going to quit and never do. It didn't matter what was at stake. I chose not to live life like this anymore. I must do this to live a healthy life. I am still watching what I put into my body as far as food. An update will come next week about my journey.


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Nobody knows you better than you. Don't give up just keep on the right track. Proud of ya buddy

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