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Yesterday I celebrated four years clean and sober. So I will give you a recap of the past four years. It started with a long jail stay to think about things. Thirty days before I got out my probation officer came to see me. He said, "You can't go to your moms or brothers." Which left me lost about what to do next. Then the guard said, "Go to rehab Justin."

So I went to rehab and had a great time. I learned so much about myself. Then I went to Nathen's House. There I learned there was so much more to life than using drugs or drinking a freaking beer. I learned what meeting meant for us. It's a place for us to release our feelings and troubles.

Then I did my recovery coach training. That started me working in recovery. I found a career path that I was good at without killing myself. There I learn how to help people without crossing boundaries. I find something to be proud of and very rewarding. This allowed me to right all the wrongs I did by dealing drugs. By dealing drugs I hurt so many people. Now I am a hope dealer.

Now I drive people to and from treatment centers. I talk to them the whole way about what recovery has given me. I hope my encouragement talks help them get through the troubled times we all face.


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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
11 de jan.
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