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Did People Really Put Razorblades In Halloween Candy?

So I wondered the other day about those warnings we got when we were kids trick-or-treating. "There could be drugs or razorblades in your candy!". Every single year while we were getting ready to head out, excited while getting in costume on the last eve of October, to fill up the cavity-inducing pillowsacks our parents all mentioned to be careful, and on the watch, for these two insidious possibilities. One thing I can tell you for sure is that if ANYONE ever found drugs in their kid's trick-or-treating candy, it was a complete accident...Being a recovering addict myself, we worked hard to get our next fix and didn't just give it away...

...That being said, I swear that every year, around the ole All Hallows' Eve, parents everywhere give their children this warning. As well as a news article, at least one popping up somewhere, about someone finding a razorblade in their kid's Halloween candy. Example here. I see these every year...And they all come with a backup story about how it was an error in the manufacturing plant. A small green and orange man drops a razorblade in the Chocolate River that makes it up the tubes into the chocolate bar machine, slicing past quality control and eventually making it into our precious child's pillowcase on October 31st.

"All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911." -Lewis Black

My question is..this only happens around Halloween? Really? The coincidental timing peeks my conspiracy theory tin-foil hat tuner into thoughts of a puppeteered media structure using urban legends to keep a population in a state of fear and control. Much like a narcissistic relationship I used to be in..Hmm, also kind of how I used to try and control people that got in the way of my efforts to get my next fix back in them active using days of my past. Maybe it's a mechanic of human nature...(*pondering face*)

Tell me what you think. Fact? Legend? Or an active conspiracy theory we need to uncover on the Redacted: Recover Your Mind Podcast??

Have a good autumn everyone.

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