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Adventures Are Afoot

Updated: Mar 15

This has been a week of reaching for goals, meeting amazing people, beautiful sunrises, self-care, a wild adventure in recovery, and haunted hotels.

I've wanted to be a Certified Peer Recovery Coach since I was in early recovery three years ago. With intentional life changes, effort, and some help from people who have gone before me, I achieved that status over the last year. This week I have been attending the training to become state certified as a peer recovery coach. I've made connections with some awesome people while learning about the world I live and work in. I've gotten to experience the recovery world through a whole new lens with someone who's experiencing it alongside me from another very different recovery community. I've even gotten to catch up on some much-anticipated reading in the process.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

All I can say today is that I am grateful for this opportunity and the paradigm shift that it brought along with it. My life in recovery has given me these adventures and experiences, going from a guy that was close to dying with terrible health, mentally and physically. Someone who had lost or destroyed all the meaningful relationships I had ever held close to me, to someone who can truly feel abundance. Abundance that's accompanied by meaningful relationships, more hope than I thought possible, and actual purpose-filled goals not only being made...but being achieved. It's worth the mention that I've enjoyed documenting my journey this week on social media as well. It's been a lot of fun.

If you've stumbled across this publication and are struggling with hope or faith in your life, I beg you to hold on and keep putting the effort into your life in recovery. Our Higher Power likes to do things on their own time but I am living proof that great things happen for people who put in the effort and try their best to just do the next right thing.

And no, the hotel I've spent this week in isn't haunted...that's a whole other story.

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Mar 15
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