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What It Would Be Like To Date Mrs. Claus

Can you even imagine how long ago Santa and Mrs. Claus dated? Talk about long-term relationship goals. They didn't even have Tinder or any dating sights back then. According to, they have been married for 207 years. You had to do things the old-fashioned way during the War of 1812, there was no swiping left or right to find your beloved.

A few things that are for sure are that while Santa and Mrs. Claus were dating, I can imagine they frequented romantic reindeer-drawn sleigh rides, lots of yummy baked goods as pre-Mrs. Claus was searching for a way to ole Saint Nick's heart, and we can all assume that cuddling was a must to get through those frigid Northpole nights.

"There was this groovy dude and his name was Santa Claus, y'know? And he used to live over in the projects with his old lady, and they had a pretty good thing together because his old lady was really fine, and she could cook and all that stuff like that, y'know." -Cheech Marin

Between the two of them, the gift-giving had to be awesome. Santa always getting his elves to make something to impress his future wife, and with Mrs. Claus's legendary knitting skills, you just know that Santa was always bundled up safe and sound no matter how cold it got all that way up north. Also, rumor has it that Mrs. Claus was an undefeated chess and checkers champion. Hmm, Maybe Santa let her win..That sounds like something a jolly ole guy would do for his future wife during the courting phase. But also a good way to spend time together during the Christmas time off-season.

I've always loved this time of year and the cozy Christmas spirit in the air...There's been plenty of snow in the air recently too. But that comes with the territory and season here in Northern Michigan. Either way, I'm happy that I get to enjoy this holiday season with my friends at 217 Recovery. Find something to be joyful about this week and have a happy holiday and some fun in recovery, everyone!

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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
Dec 01, 2023
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