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What a fun time!!!

So it's no secret that 217 Recovery held its first event. It was so much fun to interact with people in recovery. The setup was pretty easy as everyone pitched in. The event center cook offered his time to help cook the spaghetti dinner. That was a blessing in disguise because he knew his kitchen and where stuff was.

Corey was busy setting up his cameras to record the event. I helped where I could. Someone said I only showed people where to smoke. This may be true I do smoke a lot. But after watching the speakers speak I think I could do it. I get nervous speaking to a crowd. Afterward, a lot of people came up to me and said thanks the event was nice and helped them with their journey.

I'm looking forward to the next event. Next time will be even bigger and better.


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GYM :-(


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Corey Winfield
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