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Recognizing my own hypocrisy is a selfish task, requiring loads of neuroticism. A daunting case of self criticism, recently made easier by societies ever evolving norms. Take "Concrete" as a color option for paint. Exterior only. "Why would you need to paint concrete, "concrete"?", says whoever, "It's eternally grey."

They developed the color to cover up grafiti on concrete overpasses. Sections are tagged while enroute to installation. The respnse isn't: 'Maybe let's pump the brakes on selling cans of paint to twelve year olds on BMX bikes'. Nope, we'll just develop a grey paint that blends seamlessly with the existing concrete color so we can literally cover this up so it looks new. No sense in using a scale at fat camp, it's how you "feel".

Pretty soon the bar will be a line in a crosswalk . At least there's no where but up from there. Rationalizing personal responsibility will just be chalked up to the folly of youth. Average, as a goal, just might get me to the finish line.

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