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This Was A Lesson

I set goals for myself every week. In a few of my recent posts, I've addressed setting goals and not "putting too much on your plate". This week I set too many goals than I was able to accomplish. Now, I set different tiered goals to make the larger ones more attainable. I learned how to do this in early recovery and have been reminded of this recently. I set big goals, big things I'd like to do with my life, such as buying a house or reaching 10 years of sobriety. But to make sure I achieve these larger desires, I set smaller goals that are sending me in the direction of my bigger goals. Like a step process.

Currently, I set weekly goals for projects and things I'd like to do right now that keep me on the right track, or things for work. This week I overfilled my plate. This isn't the end of the world, I like to try and max out my time by making a lot of targets and giving myself something high to aim for. I heard these quotes a long time ago "You don't hit anything if you don't aim at anything" which was typically followed with "Aim high". So I've been living on that quote telling myself that everything I don't do I'll just put on my list tomorrow. Which I still believe is okay, but It's been stressing me out when I don't achieve all of the things I've written out for myself. That hit of dopamine when you complete a task you've set in front of yourself feels really nice.

You're going to have things added to your list of things that need to be done. Be it at work, or at home, your life never works out exactly the way you plan it out. There's an entire world of people, places, and things that have their own agenda. That's going to intersect in your life. Today I am making myself aware that I need to set more attainable goals and be mindful of how much I'm putting on my own plate while advising others to do the same. Call it practicing what I preach and better life organization. It starts today.

Until next time.

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