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Sorry, this is a little late, but I would like to recap my Thanksgiving. I had a five amazing day weekend. I did some really fun things. I traveled around the state. Seen a freaking awesome concert. Then finished it up by helping some people.

So, the day before Thanksgiving I took the day off from work. My loving girlfriend and I got ready to hit the road. We were going to see three bands in Grand Rapids. The bands were LYLVC, Fame on Fire, and Pop Evil at the Intersection. The first two bands were pretty amazing. Pop Evil on the other hand was badass. They played for like two hours. The show was one of the best ones I have seen this year and I saw a lot. After the show, we drove to Big Rapids to stay the night.

My cousin is a manager at a hotel, so we stayed there and got one heck of a deal. The hotel was nice with friendly staff. The bed was like lying on a cloud. The breakfast was out of this world good. Then we checked out. After leaving the hotel we went to my cousin's house to tell them about our experience. She was so amazed to find out how my experience was. She has worked her tail off and been through the pits of hell. Then we went to my mom's for Thanksgiving dinner.

We showed up at my mom's house ready to watch some Lions football. My mom's antenna wouldn't work so she sent my daughter to the store to buy another one. We hooked up the new antenna and got the game to come in. It's a hard life to live in the woods. My mommy made a wonderful, tasty dinner. We were all stuffed to the brim. About an hour later we had some tasty pie from The Grand Traverse Pie Company thanks to my girlfriend. Then we watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. After that, my daughter had to go home back to her mom's. I then drove back to Traverse City.

Friday was an easy day. But Saturday was one of the most fulfilling day I had in a long time. I went to Safe Harbor which is a homeless shelter. There I got to talk to people about recovery and my life journey. I also watched Michigan beat Ohio State with the guys there. Sorry if you're an Ohio State fan. That is how my extra-long weekend went with lots of rest on Sunday.

The moral of the story is I would never have done any of this while using. My mom and I would have been fighting over something stupid. I was so selfish I would have never gone to the homeless shelter to encourage people to do better with their lives. I am just so THANKFUL for what I have today. The most important thing that I have learned is to give the knowledge away to people and educate people on the disease of addiction.


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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
Dec 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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