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Remedy of Gratitude

I recently watched a World War 1 documentary. It was incredibly well done and the old footage was given the color treatment. It wasn't lost on me, however, that I live in a world where I can enjoy a film and not worry about being in the trenches myself. The things we find room for to irritate us today, weren't even close to someones radar a hundred years ago. The line at the gas station is taking to long, they are out of Little Debbie Brownies, my phone just dropped a get the drift. The minutia of our lives of convienience and the misalignment that sometimes occurs aren't in the same universe as trench warfare, or mustard gas. It's easy to forget how wonderful our modern lives are when we are late for work. I'm making it a daily duty to add to my gratitude list the forgotten things that make our lives so damn easy.

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