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No Mud, No Lotus

It's amazing how such a beautiful flower grows from the mud, and in fact only the mud provides everything the flower needs to grow. After being on this journey for the last year or so I finally realized that sometimes, out of all the mud in one's life if you can become that lotus growing from out of the mud or the rose that grew from concrete. My life I've always been so confident that I could do something great, but then my ego would tell me different and tell myself that I'll never be accepted or treated how I felt I deserved.


My ego was right to an extent, I would never reach my own potential, unless I searched deep within myself and learned to love my self again, make wise decisions, and learn to just be me instead of being who I think everyone wants me to be.


Now I find myself doing things I've never dreamed of. I don't know what or why my attitude towards myself suddenly did a complete 180, but the longer I stayed true to myself the more and more beautiful things started to happen. Never lose faith in yourself, be mindful of everyone and everything around you, and most importantly never give up on yourself! Today could be the day you bloom like the lotus from out of the mud. Love you all and until next time farewell from Pune, India 🇮🇳

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