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How I explained the effects of THC to my daughter.

So the other weekend I sat down with my daughter and told her where my drug use started from. She is at the age where I started to drink beer and whisky. Then came the weed that I started to smoke every day. I also told her what it did to me.

“Don’t Let the Past Steal Your Present.” – Terri Guillemets

It made me lazy and eat a bunch of food. I also would be an asshole when I didn't have weed to smoke. Smoking weed also led me to hang out with people that did other drugs. When I did use weed it would numb things for the moment and I still had to face them later in life. It also made me give up on my dreams and work blue-collar jobs till I got clean.

“Sometimes We Motivate Ourselves By Thinking Of What We Want To Become. Sometimes We Motivate Ourselves By Thinking About Who We Don’t Ever Want To Be Again.” – Shane Neimeyer

After I quit using drugs I realized all the horrible choices I had made. I then thought talking to my daughter about this would be good. I don't want to see her make the same mistakes I had made. I just hope she follows her dreams unlike me.

“Though No One Can Go Back And Make A Brand New Start, Anyone Can Start From Now And Make A Brand New Ending.” – Carl Bard


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