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Getting Things Back!!!

When I first got sober I thought I would never get get things back in order. Even though people said I could get it all back tenfold. I had given up on so much in my life. The biggest thing I had given up was my family.

After a few years of being in recovery, I got that part back. I now have my daughter every weekend. That is one blessing I have gotten. The other part is being invited to do things with my whole family. I the fuck up got invited to a family Christmas this year. I feel so blessed today to have these things back in my life.

I had to do a lot of work to get these things back. I was honest about the mess my life was to my therapist. I worked the steps that allowed me to dig deep into myself. Then I had to find my higher power to give me the wisdom. Most of all I just did the next right thing.


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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
10 de nov. de 2023
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