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I got to thinking the other day about what happens to houses and cars that are involved with drug busts. My question was why are we not using these houses to help offset the problem with there not being enough sober living homes? The counties could run these houses from the probation department. It would show people how the community cares about its people and tries to do something positive. A lot of people have nowhere to go.

“I can wholeheartedly confess that I’m finally at peace with myself and truly starting to understand what true happiness is.” – Kelly Osbourne


When I was released from jail I had nowhere to go. So, I went to rehab to better myself. Then, I got told to investigate other programs like sober living. This is when I found out how few there are in Northern Michigan. I didn't want to go back downstate after treatment. I wanted a new life somewhere else.  

Staying sober really was the most important thing in my life now and had given me direction when I thought I had none.” – Eric Clapton

Today I called the county commissioner to ask about these problems we face in recovery. They said the houses were sold off to give the money back to the narcotics team. I found this kind of odd. Cause all we create is more people with no place to go. The county could rent rooms out to people in recovery. That way they have a steady money flow every month besides just a large payout.

“I finally summoned up the courage to say three words that would change my life: “I need help.” Thank you to all the selfless people who have helped me on my journey through sobriety. I am eternally grateful.” --Elton John 

As for the cars, they could give them to non-profits. Some non-profits like the one I work for take people to and from treatment centers all over the state. This would help ensure people get to treatment safely. I will keep fighting for this cause the support isn't there in a lot of communities. 


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