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6pm in Qatar

I've now been traveling for about 16 hours, and I find myself in "The world's best airport time and time again.", as the signs show all throughout the airport. My 1st international flight and boy was I treated in luxury! Everyone has their own TV screen with hundreds of movies, TV shows, and games to play. 2 full coarse meals, pillows, blankets, etc. If this is what international travel is like, I'm all about it. Like I mentioned in the previous blog I'm hoping to continue this throughout my trip. If anyone has feedback, questions, or would like anything please get ahold of me. I wrote a blog also while in Chicago, but due to lack of phone service and Wi-Fi , I haven't been able to upload it yet.

This trip seemed like it was all too farfetched and out of grasp to achieve, but thanks to my wonderful community and all the support they give, I decided to step outta my comfort zone and here I am almost 12,000 miles away from our safe little home of Traverse City, MI. I know this blog didn't cover much, but I'm here to show all of you that your dreams are possible and the promises do come true. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but they do come true and I'm living proof. Follow me on here or Facebook or Snapchat for updates on my trip. I miss and love you all.

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