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The Squeaky Wheel Gets...The Cheese?

A figure of speech, an old-time saying, something, something, the early bird calls the kettle black. We're all accustomed to one figure of speech or another. Fun little filler "sayings" to brighten up our conversations. Some people stick to a favorite figure of speech. Some people cut, paste, or mix & match multiple, to keep things colorful. Even though the term "Idiom" didn't come into play until the roaring '20s (in the 1500s) It just feels like they've been around since our snarky little species started running our mouths.

But something new is rising up in the wonderful world of words- Triggers. And, yeah...I know. People are ACTUALLY giving a crap out here about them these days. Back in my day, before the turn of the one cared what upset you or hurt your feelings. Or, at least it felt that way back then. To be fair, they did a lot of other f#@ked up stuff back then too. I'm not making an argument for poor behavior in the past. Only an observation.

But where I'm going with this is people are getting really hung up on the words people use, and not what the people mean with the words they use. But Mitchell..we use the words we use because of their meaning.. Well yes, some of us do, and some of us are better at choosing words that truly mean what we're trying to communicate. Some of us just don't have a natural knack for that sort of thing, and some of us weren't taught properly, or well enough to express ourselves in an efficient way, to those around us.

"they did a lot of other f#@ked up stuff back then"

My proposal: I'd really like to start doing this. It isn't the easiest thing to remember to do, but it doesn't happen at all if we don't try. - The next time we feel triggered about something that someone says to us...let's take a deep breath, push that angry welling up of possible misunderstanding aside for just the slightest of moments and ask the other person involved "what do you mean by that?".

It's actually a really big step into self-awareness and personal growth. And, yes, I hear you back there..Sometimes you did hear them properly the first time, and this is going to lead to opportunities to work on your triggers. Responding to them, rather than reacting to them. And, that's ok. I truly feel, because of situations I've been in myself, that this simple look into ourselves allows us the time to pose a question in a moment that can spawn an argument, or lead to a blossomed understanding between two individuals..I think we ALL owe it to the collective to at least try an act of mindfulness like this moving forward. Maybe it's something a bit different you're working on, kudos to you if that's the case. Just please, whatever acts of mindfulness you're manifesting currently, PLEASE don't give up on them easily.

Today's publication comes from a man that just wants to try and make this world move toward its goals. Maybe together we can all make it a little bit better of a place to co-exist in, even if it's only one smile at a time. Have a great week everyone, be that squeaky wheel of early worm cheese in your neck of the woods till next time. ;)


P.S. Yes, I know there was a wasted squeaky Wisconsin cheese curd joke in there, somewhere...I just couldn't pull it together..

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