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The Fine Art of Micro-Habits

I almost ate a booger the other night. That's right, almost. A light went off in my brain to shun the pure laziness of not finding a Kleenex or proper receptacle, the 'Old Behavior' trigger. Many years had accumulated of embracing my inability to shed the child syndrome of that salty goodness. Yet recovery has taught me to embrace the small things, discover your tics, and be honest with yourself on how said behavior hurt or harmed your constitution. It's time to sweat the small stuff.

Cleaning your room, making your bed, cleaning the toilet, all the things you failed and procrastinated to do while using, should become imbedded in your subconcious. It helps to fill that void left from removing your drug of choice. An added caviat: you become a better human.

According to the experts, it takes roughly 60 days to lock in a new habit. If it helps, create a tracker. I'm working on a "Twice Daily (brush teeth, take shower) ; Once Weekly (Call Mom, do laundry)" montage to help create the muscle memory necessary to create a healthy habit.

Creating healthy micro-habits will act as a reminder to how shitty your life was when you were using and, therefore, help keep you clean. So, have fun with it, make solid rules to live by and don't be a booger eater.

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