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Take A Number.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Can someone tell me what's going on in the stars lately? That's rhetorical, I already know. The title reflects how most human interaction has, sarcastically, been feeling for the last week(for real though). It seems like everyone, including myself, has their panties in a bunch lately(sorry, not sorry..for the, you know what I mean). I figured out why there's been this cosmic turbulation recently and it's finally making sense to me. I'm not laying it all out for you's guy's since that might trigger a crusade in some of my readers. That's just not going to help anyone, so I'll make it brief, but I need to share. Really though, you can ask me why I "need" to share it later..

*clears throat* We are in a part of a, temporary, cycle that's not, particularly, moving forward in a world that, as a majority, is moving forward. Since this little part of our current, all-encompassing, cycle is back peddling at the moment(don't worry, this is supposed to happen), we are going to feel the slight trip in pace manifesting in the grumpy grocery shoppers and touchy bosses. It's worth it to mention that the collective are getting more and more sensitive to things like this as the awakenings continue(I may have said too much). If some of you are thinking to yourselves "Mitchell, this sounds awfully new agey for you"..Well friends, do I have news for you. We can have that conversation some other time. Or, wait, catch me on a porch, somewhere, and crusade my beliefs there(long story).

Before we get too far into that, I'd like to finish my beginning thought in that paragraph. If ya'll have felt just a little more disheveled, frustrated, maybe even irritable than usual ..Just hold on. For the collective..Please. This is temporary(I got the inside scoop, we can talk about it later if you'd like in on the secrets).

To move on from that..I'd like to make this my official "coming out" of, what's been made into, a restrictive belief system I had been living in for an exhausting amount of my life. There have been some things that have happened recently that are pushing me to make this move. Divine downloads and angel numbers aside, if you want to know more about what those beliefs are, or what I mean by restrictive, let's have that conversation(Just please not on a porch, I think I have an eye-tick from that incident. Some of you will laugh at that and some of you..well.. won't).

"I'd like to make this my official "coming out" of a restrictive belief system"

But I think a two-way, open, conversation about beliefs and the "truth" needs to happen and this is me taking a step forward saying that your grandma's Jesus and "God" just aren't going to cut the, faith-inducing, mustard seeds anymore. Yep, I said it(I know some of you won't understand that, the ones turning red right now are the ones I'm talking about). We aren't able to survive being Sunday-morning-spoon-fed anymore. I know that some of you feel it, some of you are running from it and some of us have started to fully embrace it.

Uhm..Mitchell, you went from sounding all astrology rules to church in this corner..Are you okay man?? That's what I'm trying to say here..and yes. There's more Truth than you've been told(and after the last paragraph, I know a lot of you quit reading). The truth that you've been fed is baby food with more trash in it than you can possibly imagine. It's time.

These are big, heavy, words that are put next to each other like this could actually lose me some friends. But I cannot fully surrender to my purpose that's being laid out to me by my Heavenly Father without flipping these tables and doing it out in the open. I believe in this, in Him, and where He's leading me.

So I think that's about it for today. For those of you still reading this, that are familiar with my other writings, I can imagine this wasn't what you were expecting. This has been weighing on me for some time and now it's out. So marinate on that(if you'd like to take the red pill) and keep me posted on where you stand.. If you dare. XD ..I'd say beware of the back porch crusaders(I'm still enjoying that term too much) but if you're following the stepping stones that your "Higher Power" is laying out for you, they can't make you stumble unless you let them.

I believe in you. Let's find our tribe everyone. It's time to take that step. You know the one, it's the one you don't want to take. Have a good evening! (phew, I feel 50lbs lighter after this one) If you felt this post went in more than one direction..Well then, your intuition is coming in just fine. ;)


-P.S. I wanted this to go with this post: Nahum 1:7

That is all :)

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