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Past Always Comes Up!!!

So today I was confronted by my past. I have had the sniffles for what seems like forever now. I came into work feeling like someone had punched me so hard in the face and I could barely talk. My boss then told me to get some Sudafed so I could feel better. So I went to the store to go get some. I told the wonderful lady what was going on to get the right stuff. She scanned my ID and told me I exceeded my daily limit. I then informed her I had not bought any at all. So she scanned my ID again to get the same message. I said thank you and walked out.

On my way out of the store, I realized that my drug charge was stopping me from buying the medicine that I needed to feel better. At this time I felt ashamed, disheartened, and worthless. So I called my boss to tell him what had happened to me at the store. He said, "I got you when you get back to the office."

At this point, I then realized what if they did the same thing to everything that alters your mind when you get into trouble. The world would be a safer place. But then the government wouldn't make any more money off of you. Let that sink in for a minute. When the government makes money on you they don't want to stop that flow of money. They will put your life at risk just to make a dollar on you. So if you need help in life don't be afraid to reach out if this happens to you. I will be here to help you through your difficult times.


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Yeah! Don’t let the man bring you down

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