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I Gain Something Back I Thought I LOST

I was told Justin you must work harder, stronger, and longer. I was always made to pay my way in life for a very long time. I never really got any help besides being told where another job was at. I quit asking for help from some people. My mom raised me to be a hard worker and never give up. She would always tell me to just have a little faith, and everything would work out.


“Always be realistic with your expectations. Too much expectation can only lead to frustration.” ― Mouloud Benzadi

My car broke down last weekend. I had to have it towed back to Traverse City to the mechanic. I prayed a lot last weekend that everything would work out for me. Monday came and the mechanic said it would cost about $1500 to get it fixed. I asked them if there was any payment plan available. They said how much do you have to put down? I said like $400 on Friday after I get paid. They said that would work with a $100 payment on top of my car payment twice a month.  

“War doesn’t only kill humans; it also kills love, trust and relations!” ― Mouloud Benzadi

The mechanic called on Tuesday and said it was all ready to go. I told them I would come and pick it up on Friday when I get paid. I called my mom to give her the good news and she said I do not have a way to get the money to you. You can give me the phone number and I will pay for it for you. I gave her the number and we hung up. She then called me back and said go pick up your car.  

“Without trust, there is no meaningful connection between people. It's just meaningless o-ordination.” ― Marie-Claire Ross

This has never happened in my life before that I remember. I used to be such a hot mess with my life. But recovery has shown me a way I never knew was possible. It feels so amazing to be trusted again in life. Blessings just keep coming into my life. We must be patient for them to happen, but they do and will come. 



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