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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

At some point in the early 2000's, the executives at Verizon decided that the tag word 'Unlimited' inserted strategically before 'Plan', would harken customers from the drolls of 'Limited' service by awakening thoughts of infinity, or free service. "This plan is so good they are paying me to use their data, I'd be throwing away money if I didn't sign up." Brilliant marketing, and it took a Bugs Bunny tone of zoom-in to read the fine print which stated "unlimited data Up To 22mb". Cue record scratch, hold the phone.

Now wait a tic, doesn't unlimited mean, like forever and stuff? According to Webster: 'Unlimited' 1. without limits or restrictions; 2. vast, immeasurable. 'Up-To' is therefore the destructor of limitless entities. Interestingly enough, 'unlikely' is the adjective just above 'unlimited'. That's a vast amount of irony.

Regardless of big-tech storming the gates of Mirriam-Webster and changing the definitions of 'smart' sounding words, it's necessary, as a consumer, and human, to maintain a baseline of understanding. There is nothing wrong with keeping a physical dictionary at the ready while reading, or watching a movie to keep you in the know.

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