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Chaos and Catching Up

Oh my goodness, how I have missed my 217 family the last three weeks! I figured a chaotic catchup was well overdue.

The last couple of weeks I have been taking a C.N.A. training course. It was arduously lengthy. A week of sitting at a bright white abyss of a computer screen, taking notes, quizzes, and writing essays. (Just to go home and do the same for the 4 classes I am taking at NMC.) I thought for sure by the end of that week, that the possibility of my eyeballs melting out of my head was increasing by the hour. The following week was an alternation between labs and clinicals. And ya girl? She passed with 95% in the class. AND I passed one of my midterms with a 97%.

In the midst of all of that chaos, my sweet boy turned four years old. He had his first big boy birthday party. Which naturally came with me going well above and overboard. But I figure, life is tenuous enough as it is. Why shouldn’t we take every opportunity to go over the top when it comes to celebrating those we love? And my son, he is my grandest love.

It is so beyond easy to get stuck in the chaos. We can’t fight it. We can’t change it. It will always exist to one degree or another. The only way to survive it is to seek out every small moment, and pack them away in your heart to carry through the monotony. It’s staying up until 3 am blowing up balloons, for the look of absolute wonder in my child’s eyes. It’s the friends you make while collaborating to succeed in shared goals. It’s the memories you reflect on when you’re letting new people get to know you. It’s knowing every Wednesday, I get to create and share with a group of really cool people that keep my weeks sane.

Anyhow, after those lengthy few weeks, I am so ready to get back into a normal routine. I am excited to take my C.N.A. Exam Friday and to set off on this opportunity in front of me. To those of you from my Wednesday Supportive Art group, I appreciate your patience while I checked another goal off my list. I cannot wait to see all of your lovely faces this coming Wednesday, and to share and catch up on all the creative chaos I have missed. As always,

Be Safe,


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