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15 Reasons Cats Are Better Than Dogs

This has been on my mind, well... kind of, for a bit of time now. I was getting ready for bed the other night when I got a cosmic download about cats. My own cats were running amuck. I was trying to analyze the reason behind their erratic behaviors. Between late-night Animal Planet binge-watching Cat Whisperer shows, and remembering things that ghosts of girlfriends past have told me about their own cats, the universe decided to drop me a tidbit of information into the understanding hole in my brain place.

I've decided to comprise a list from the dusty boxes of, arguably, useless knowledge compiled in the darker corners of my mind. Reasons why a dog lover may want to consider giving our razor-pawed furry little friends a second chance. Starting with:

  1. A cat purrs at a frequency that triggers the healing response in our physiology. It's true! Some smart guy from Oxford or Harvard said so...probably. But either way, when your adorable furry little friend crawls up on you and starts purring, especially after a stressful day, or maybe a trip to the doctor's office, they're really trying to help.

  2. Their wittle noses are adorable!

  3. Cats actually trained us. Yep, facts. They trick our brains by mimicking the sounds of uncomfortable babies to get us to have sympathy for them. Sneaky little f#ckers.

  4. They role model that taking naps is a good thing for us. That's real sh!t, or maybe...I just want to take more naps. You decide.

  5. Ever had one slowly walk down a hallway in front of you? Always seeming to be right where you want to step, just making the process take as long as possible(reminiscent of Sunday drivers..ugh). They're just actively reminding you to stop and smell the roses.

  6. They're so damn FLUFFY!! (Except for those weird hairless ones, those ones are just creepy)

  7. Did you know that declawing them can actually cause them to develop kitty depression? Why do that to them? Just don't. Seriously, don't.

  8. They have 9 lives. It's true, there's no point in debating it. I've had three cats, I'm basically a cat-ologist now.

  9. Did I mention the 9 lives? It would have fit better in this number slot. Anyways, some cats can have two different colored eyes. My cat Jack has them, it's actually really cool.

  10. Domestic cats are actually responsible for the extinction of 63 species of animals...yes, having a cat as a pet is like having a cute little mass murderer hiding in your living room. Not really Dahmer vibes, but still bro..savage.

  11. When cats do kill things, like them pesky lil vermin chewing up the wires in your walls, and bring them to you with the adorable pride of a miniature serial killer fluffball... They are either giving you a gift, the best way they know how...OR...they are worried about your hunting skills and trying to make sure you survive. Like a small yet insulting act of kindness. ...Furry little b@stards.

  12. They jump in front of you and stick their butts in your face. Although gross, it's like the animal kingdom's self-confidence power move. Nothing is more comfortable in their skin than a pussycat wagging its ass in your grill.

  13. The average cat can jump six times their height...making my dream of an all-feline NBA situation seem like an achievable goal.

  14. Cat's were worshipped in ancient Egypt and honestly, I don't think much has changed on that...

  15. Their tiny little toe beans are the cutest little toes you have ever seen!

See what I mean about the toe beans!?

Now that my masculinity has been thoroughly washed away I'll say that I have always been a dog person. My cats were rescues that needed a home and I just couldn't say no to my son. Growing up we had a cat that wasn't the nicest in just about every way a feline roommate could accomplish that. These little buggers we have living within us now have really grown on me. I've learned that even though they seemingly don't care about anything, cats are actually one of the most empathetic pets you could have. It really shows in the way they interact with us. Be it their acts of love and purr-soaked cuddles, or the way their misbehaving actually mirrors the stresses or issues their owners are going through.

As always I've really pulled something out of this brain-churning and believe that cats really give us an opportunity to be self-aware while giving us, more than a few reasons, that cats are better than dogs. OH! Bonus reason...Cats clean themselves...That's reason enough right there!

I'll talk to you next time everyone.


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Jeremy Durand
Jeremy Durand
Sep 01, 2023
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I like turtles

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Mitchell O'Brien
Sep 01, 2023
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Corey Winfield
Aug 29, 2023
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