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Today I had a self-care kid with my daughter. We both had dentist appointments today. My daughter has amazing teeth for not taking care of them. That surprised me a lot. I thought for sure she was going to need a lot of work done. She only needs them cleaned well.

As for me, I got a tooth pulled. It was just starting to bother me. My last dentist didn't want to do anything to remove it. He just kept putting Band-Aids on it. My new dentist wanted to pull it. So today was the day it was getting pulled.

The dentist numbed me up well. Then we had a five-minute wait. After the wait, he started getting tools to remove the tooth. As he started to wiggle the tooth out it broke off the roots. Then he pulled each root out one at a time.

If I had been using I would have never worried about this. We plain don't take good care of ourselves. One thing recovery has taught me is to take better care of myself. This allows us to take better care of our loved ones. Which they so deserved.


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