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Tyrone Hatcher

Community Opportunity Coordinator

Voice Talent - 217 Recovery Podcast

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Tyrone's Story

I was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs where I had used drugs for over twenty years.  I've been arrested over five times in my life, mostly for drug possession. I've been homeless many times and when I would get a place, I wouldn't keep it long. My brain chemistry had been altered and getting more drugs was my first priority, instead of food, shelter, or self-care, my brain told me I needed drugs.


My latest adventure landed me in jail for 11 months for a crime that was blown out of proportion. In any county, other than Charlevoix, it would have been a simple assault. In Charlevoix County, I was charged with attempted murder, and my bond was set as cash, 2 million dollars.  


When I was released from jail I had nowhere to live and was homeless once again. At 60, I found myself starting all over again, but this time I had a felony on my record. Not many nice, affordable apartments rent to felons or people on a set income. 


I didn't give up, stayed clean, and stayed focused. My determination helped me find the place I live now. It's my mission in life to show people that there is hope. The story of my journey can attest to that and I'm sure it'll help a lot of people.


"If you free your mind, your ass will follow"

- Tyrone Hatcher

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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