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You Decide

There are three things certain in life; being brought into this world, change, and departure. When I hear yet another individual’s life had fallen short at the hands of the insidious beast known as addiction. I am flooded with various emotions depending upon logistics, circumstance, and nature of relationship once had. No, I’m not saying one life holds more value than another; I’m saying each and everyone of us have different people that come in and out of our lives, leaving various marks, memories, and impressions in the heart, mind, body, and soul. Circumstance of events, location, and frame of mind all playing larger roles than we truly accredit, and I know myself personally take far too much in life for granted. Down to the intricacies of each emotion, thought, action, and repercussion that leads to every individual you and I have and will ever encounter is infinitely unique how God or the universe is connected and leads us to each other as seen fitting if we so choose to remain consciously aware. I struggle with “everything happening for a reason” when it comes to, in my eyes, another unnecessary life lost far too soon. However I do try to see the purpose and strive for their being something good that will come from every event that has taken place in my life, one I struggle with daily. I only pray awareness is the message these misfortunes promote, that these deaths will not continue to be in vain and inspire others to make “better” choices that lead to one of the inevitables, CHANGE.

1.) Correction upon awareness

2.) Beauty in the breakdown

3.) That moment you realize only you hold the power to choose your destiny

4.) Change, make that shit count

5.) Being present and not living in the haunting past

6.) Unforgettable memories that you feel in your soul

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my wife who loves me without expectations or conditions

10.) My mother Marietta, that woman deserves to be granted the title Saint Marietta for loving a wretch like me

Those that know and understand me I’m sure read some of my work in disbelief I made it out of the grapple of addiction and am able to tell the tale. (Let alone tie my own shoes) There is no medical explanation why I’m alive today and so many didn’t make it; I need not question his plan, only continue fighting for the greater good, promoting peace, love without condition, forgiving yourself for mistakes made while captivating by satan’s transcendent and tainted tonic, choosing to be happy, joyous, free. Freed from the bondage of self, the obsession, and control we allow others to possess when we don’t know another way. There is so much more to life and all are deserving and possess infinite worth. I believe in you.

Yours truly,


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