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You Are ENOUGH ❤️

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Receiving kind words about yourself and not feeling uncomfortable is foreign to most in early recovery. I’ve never met anyone (yet) who showed up to detox from walking too many old ladies across the street, (unless they stole her purse), or was on a “winning streak” in life. I’m a firm believer that addictions and other disorders are a direct result of unresolved trauma. Trauma comes in all forms; physical, mental, and spiritual. I also strongly believe the damage done by words and/or lack their of, create the deepest wounds and develop into thick keloid scars, over time, harden the soul; causing the most damage long term left untreated. Going along with the, “I’ll show you, I’ll hurt me”, the content of love and relationships are learned from early childhood in the sense a child who’s parent hits them still loves and adores that person. Just as a child who yearns for the hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s. Chasing that validation into adulthood and relationships, (again in all forms), especially those of a romantic nature. Emulating or recreating that “love” becomes the sickness or addiction in itself, until, for some, the physical, emotional, and spiritual become so unbearable and unattainable all at the same time. Using to escape/numb becomes the only option. (So we thought.)

1.) Knowing your worth

2.) Hugs and kisses

3.) Breaking chains and patterns

4.) Hearing, “I love you”

5.) Loving yourself

6.) Sun-kisses tans

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, my greatest gift from God

9.) Jamie, my wife, a close 2nd

10.) My mother, again, right up there and even though I feel wrong putting 3rd, she understands

Pouring from an empty cup is damn near impossible and will drain your soul until breaking feels like the only option. Healing these wounds through therapy, the company you keep, and hard work; that is the ONLY option today. Difficult, yes. Damn near impossible, maybe. Worth it, you bet your last fucking bottom dollar! Having those around you know and show you your value, this is a blessing; knowing with every ounce of your every being that you are enough, this is the greatest gift you can grant yourself. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Yours truly,


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